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Founded in 1979, PTC a one of the largest crew management and diversified maritime services companies in the Philippines. Its range of services include marine management, education and professional development, energy and logistics, healthcare, tourism, offshore processing, property development, microfinance and international professional placement.

Its pioneering initiative in crew management was the international deployment of a full-Filipino complement on three 50,000 DWT Ore Bulk Oil Carriers, a first in Philippine maritime history in 1984.

Today, PTC has grown beyond crew management. A leader in the Philippine maritime industry deploying over 45,000 Filipino global maritime professionals on board close to 1,100 vessels, PTC now offers an integrated value chain of services that spans Marine Management; Education and Professional Development; Energy and Logistics; Travel and Tourism; Healthcare; Offshore Processing; Property Development; Microfinance; Family Care Programs; International Professional Placement; and Information and Communications Technology.

Driven by a passion to make a difference and a commitment to longstanding partnerships with Principals who are themselves leaders in Europe, Asia and North America, the PTC Group continues to embrace its vision for a Filipino Global Maritime Professional to be on every vessel, in every sea, Moving the World.