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Bimco has continuously advocated for the economic well-being of shipping, whilst promoting safety and environmental protection, and always acting in the best interests of its members.

Bimco has existed through an era of immense change in transportation and economic growth, and has built its strength upon its ability to move with the times and adapt to economic and political realities.

Bimco’s mission is to provide a first class service to its membership representing all segments of the shipping industry by facilitating state-of-the-art access to quality information and advice, developing standard contracts and clauses, promoting fair business practices, free trade and open access to markets, enhancing the proficiency and qualifications within the industry through its educational programmes, pro-actively participating in all developments which serve to enhance harmonisation, and helping to maintain a level playing field within the international shipping industry.

Bimco also offers a broad range of practical knowledge and services, complemented by voluntary reporting and input from the membership.

BIMCO’s website is possibly the largest single compilation of contemporary and practical shipping information, with more than 175,000 pages on all aspects of vessel operations including port and cargo databases and an array of other shipping-related data.